Official Launch of Drone Business

We want your business! We offer several options in drone videography and photography for your business. We do everything from Real Estate, Construction, Promo Videos, and much more! We are FAA Certified and all of our aircraft our registered. Call us today!

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Market your business with a well crafted promo video and see what it can do on social media! We have the latest in drone technology!

The Plan

We will put together an outline of your idea, and how we can put that idea on the map with a custom video. Then its show time!

The Work

Now is the most exciting part! Because we are FAA certified we can come up with any plan you can think of! We prioritize safety and ensure its done right!

Owner of Devstorms

FAA Licensed Private Pilot, and UAS (Drone) Pilot

Welcome to Devstorms! My name is Erick Lizenby and since I was a kid, I have always loved technology. My first professional experience started at UPS, where I worked with Toshiba Depot Repair Operations. From that point I worked my way up to supervisor level positions, working with companies like Embraer Aircraft, and Lenovo. In 2012 I started working for my hometown school district as a Systems Integration Specialist as part of team that manages mobile devices in the classroom.
Devstorms is a culmination of years of passion for technology that has followed me my whole life. I wanted to take the skillset that I have learned, and help other people realize their passion as well. If you have an idea that needs an online presence, then contact me today! I will work my butt off to ensure you are happy with your choice.

Erick Lizenby

Take your idea to the next level

We want your business! We also realize that you have many choices when creating a website. There are many packaged deal sites that allow you to create your own site with a bland site builder. They offer you a free site to pull you in, but you soon find out that they are limited. We offer a personal, custom, well designed experience. Sign up today and lets start the journey together!

Contact Us

Or by phone / (812) 221-3293 /

The Offer

Contact us thru email or by phone and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We will begin the process of getting your idea off the ground!

The Plan

We will put together an outline of your idea, and how we can put that idea on the map with a custom design. We then move on to the build!

The Work

Now is the most exciting part! During this time we will share with you the building process, so that you can see your idea come to life

Strive to be modern

There are three concepts to a great website. Function, Design, and SEO. If your website doesn't meet all three, then you are not meeting your potential. Devstorms strives to meet all three of these, and will work with you to ensure you and your customers are happy!

Our websites are designed to be responsive across all devices. In today’s age of electronics, having a site that looks good, means it looks good no matter how its viewed by your customers.
Good code is a must in modern websites. Our custom sites are always on the leading edge of code standards. A site that works as intended, is a site that functions for your users.
Search Engine Optimization is something that most people don’t understand, but is fundamental to being discovered. We work to ensure your site is configured to be recognized.

Welcome To Devstorms