Devstorms Welcomes Jennings County Public Library

Devstorms Welcomes Jennings County Public Library


By Erick Lizenby

Devstorms is proud to welcome new client, Jennings County Public Library!

Over the next couple of months Devstorms will work with JCPL to update their existing site to a more modern and mobile friendly framework which will include some new features, updated software, database cleanup, and additional security. We want to personally thank JCPL for the confidence in choosing us to provide them with their new site.

JCPL is located inside the city of North Vernon Indiana, which is approximately 70 miles north of Louisville Kentucky. Jennings County holds the distinction of being the first county in the United States to legislate for free county library service. In 1813, Colonel John Vawter, who plotted the town of Vernon, provided that ten percent of the sales from all town lots be set aside for the maintenance of a free public library for the County of Jennings. The new library was dedicated on April 20, 1997. It is located on an eight-acre site which has been landscaped with attractive gardens and footpaths. For more information about JCPL please click here.

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