New Feature: Client Dashboard

Devstorms Client Dashboard


By Erick Lizenby

In the coming days we will release our new customer dashboard that we have been working for the last couple of days with the help of cqpim. This step takes us into a more professional presentation for our customers as we work on projects/ideas together. The release of this feature on is more proof that we are dedicated and ready for your project! For our existing customers, we will be rolling you over as soon as possible. You will receive more information from us thru email very soon. We hope that you will enjoy this project dashboard as much as we do, and together we will see your idea come to life!

What does this do for me?

Well i’m glad you asked! With this new dashboard, you will be able to keep track of all the project details that yourself and Devstorms will complete. Including: Invoices, Project Requests, Communications, Support Requests and more.

How do I sign up?

Send us an email at From here we will discuss your idea and start the process of becoming a Devstorms customer. Its not complicated, and we will make sure you are happy!

Whats included?

– Ticket System
– Invoice
– IP Contracts
– Complete Project Flow System
– Ability to add milestones
– Private Messaging
– Add multiple team members
– You can now use a Credit Card to pay for services directly from the dashboard

Screenshots of Dashboard

Below are a few screenshots of what the dashboard release will look like.

  • devdashboard
  • devdashinvoice
  • devdashsupport